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2019 年 8 月 23 日:蒙奇金探路者 3蒙奇金探路者杀-O-米启动器活动今天结束!

Earlier this week, on Monday, we launched 蒙奇金探路者3 on Kickstarter. This short campaign, known as a "Quickstarter," is all set to close later today and we've already unlocked the only stretch goal: 蒙奇金探路者哥布林·迪斯! All project backers who selected the $25 reward level or higher will automatically receive this new dice pack at no extra charge. This experiment in reducing the time between the close of a campaign and the delivery to supporters is running at full steam; don't miss out on the fun!

注意: For those of you who miss the campaign, as well as 蒙奇金 players outside of the United States, nothing here is exclusive to Kickstarter. The three new 蒙奇金探路者 expansions will be offered to our distribution partners in 2020.


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